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Our Foot Care Blog

An ongoing series of informative foot health articles

Image of an orthothic

5 Health Benefits of Custom Orthotics You Should Know 

February 2021

Experiencing foot or heel pain? The foot is a surprisingly complex structure, consisting of 26 bones and countless tiny blood vessels, muscles, tendons and ligaments. These all work together in tandem to support your body weight and establish balance as you walk. Any alterations in the makeup of your foot, or adjusting the way you walk, can cause pain in your foot and other joints—often leading to chronic health problems.

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Image of pink compression knee high socks

The Beginner’s Guide to Compression Socks 

March 2021

Compression socks and stockings can be a lifesaver for those who spend a considerable amount of time on their feet. Designed to utilize compression therapy, the fabric applies gentle pressure to your lower legs, which ultimately increase blood flow pumping from the legs back up to the heart. Compression socks are an incredible tool for reducing swelling and pain, whether it be from a long day at work or a long term venous disorder.

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Image of pink compression knee high socks

Tips on How to Pick Shoes for Flat Feet

May 2021

Flat feet are one of the most common foot ailments, but there are plenty of options to help reduce pain and make living with flat feet easier. One of the best things you can do to reduce pain is choosing a shoe that lifts and supports your arches, especially if you spend much of your day on your feet.

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